A short experimental 2D puzzle platformer set in a 3D world.
A collection of rebuses wrapped up as a mobile app. All rebuses are in Russian, but some of them require knowledge of a few English words.
Keep an accelerating rolling cube on a randomly generated track.
Guide a moving line inside another line and don't let increasing speed and weird camera angles stop you.
A puzzle game where your goal is to destroy all movable blocks on the game field. Place together blocks of the same type and they will disappear.
My competition entry for the Ludum Dare 27, which was held at 23-26 august, 2013.
The theme was '10 seconds'.
The idea was to make a difficult 'fly through obstacles' game.
A small emulation of the famous Rubik's Cube. I made this mainly for the purpose of testing how OGRE works together with SDL. Supports sizes from 2x2x2 up to 10x10x10.
A small 3D visualization of some sorting algorithms, implemented in Three.js. A test to get the "feel" of the engine.
A collection of shaders and materials for high-quality wireframe rendering in Unity. The package relies on geometry shaders so currently it runs only on Windows and DX10-compatible video cards. Geometry shaders are not yet supported by Unity on Linux and macOS.
No longer relevant since Unity implemented this as a core engine functionality.
A Unity library for changing system cursor image - the best way to make in-game cursor fast, responsive and framerate-independent. Library works with Windows and Mac OS X standalone builds, does not require Unity PRO. Can load cursor images from both files and memory (therefore, from assets too).
The module provides basic statistics for nginx upstream servers: the number of requests passed to them, the number of errors of different kinds, and so on.
A C++ game framework that I develop in my spare time for fun and learning new technologies.
On Github.
Some of the 3d modelling and vector drawing that I used to make.
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